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RE: Setup Hangs during "Install from Local Directory"

On Wed, 18 Sep 2002, John Carlyle- Clarke wrote:

Please, ask about one problem at a time.  Is setup which is 
causing problems for you or some of the Cygwin packages ?

I was under the impression that you're having troubles installing Cygwin 
due to a setup.exe misbehaving. Now I see that you've succeeded in 
installing Cygwin. I am really puzzled right now.

> > > This problem seems to occur when the setup program tries to 
> > > access a file for writing for which it does not have permission.
> > 
> > Well, is there a chance you know also the name of the file. And is it 
> > really a single file or a directory ? 
> It really doesn't matter which file - the problem occurred with any file that setup wanted to write for which it did not have write permissions.  If you want an example, I remember it occurring with /usr/lib/ldscripts/i386pe.x but it could have been any other file.
> I think there may be a more general problem here.  I messed up all my file permissions, which is how this problem came to light, and I am slowly putting them right.
> However, I am getting exactly the same problem with crontab.  It doesn't have permission to write in /var/cron/tabs, and when you crontab -e and finish editing, it hangs up, using 98% CPU.

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