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RE: cygwin mutt and maildir

> Hi Gary,
> Just a short question, is there any sight on a fix for the maildir
> functions in
> cygwins mutt or is the problem a general mutt problem.

Actually it's a filename problem.  The maildir format needs to be able to put a
few special characters ("," or ";" I believe is one of them) into filenames, and
Windows chokes on them.  It's a shame too, because AFAIK, maildir obviates the
need for dotlock, so it would cure that problem.

The only way I can think this could be solved is through a method something like
how Rob's handling setup's local cache dir naming scheme, i.e. escaping
Windows-invalid characters with URLesque "%xx"'s.  And that would pretty much
have to be in the cygwin file stuff so that every MUA/MDA/whatever spoke the
same maildir language.  And that feels like something that may have been
discussed before and rejected.  If not that might be something I'll look into
doing (sounds easy enough).  Otherwise I'm afraid you're stuck with mboxes for
the forseeable future :-(.

Gary R. Van Sickle
Brewer.  Patriot.

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