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Re: printing from within Cygwin

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Jason Tishler wrote:

> Igor,
> On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 03:16:23PM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > I know GSPrint can work with Windows printers.  It works fine if you
> > only want to use the windows default printer.  I couldn't, however,
> > get it to work correctly with the -printer and -query options (well,
> > the -printer part is mostly shell quoting issues, but the -query just
> > doesn't seem to work, somehow).  Any insight will be appreciated.  I'm
> > attaching the script that I currently have.
> Sorry, but I never had the need to handle more than one printer.  Have
> you discussed this issue with Pierre since he is the original author of
> the script?

Oh, I got gs to work with my multiple printers, so I'm not hurtin'...
However, if people want to use GSPrint, they may need this.  Pierre's
original script didn't have support for the -printer option, though, IIRC.

> > A question about your script: you're using the '-_' option, which
> > doesn't seem to be documented on the GSPrint page (
> > ).  What exactly does
> > it do?
> IIRC, "-_" is just like "-" (i.e., stdin) but buffered.  Or, maybe it's
> the other way around. :,)

I see.

> > I also found this thread extremely interesting and relevant:
> >
> The above seems to imply that the gsprint "-printer" option should work.

Yes, it should, and it sort of does.  The problem is quoting the
backslashes and, especially, the spaces in the printer name.  This is more
of an issue for shared printers, where the name cannot be easily changed
under Windows.  And this is a shell issue, not a GSPrint one.

> > a2ps seems like the perfect solution for lp/lpr.
> IMO, a2ps is not a replacement for lp/lpr but instead a very nice tool
> to drive lp/lpr.

True.  What I like most about it is actually the a2ps-site.cfg, where you
can set up custom printers, etc.  This is the closest to /etc/printcap or
/etc/printers.conf that I've seen.  It would be nice to have something
similar for lp/lpr...

> > Is it ever going to become a cygwin package (
> > )?
> Would you like to contribute a2ps?  Note that it builds OOTB under
> Cygwin.
> Jason

Yes, I know -- I just built it... :-)
Hmm, does contributing some package automatically make you the maintainer?
Frankly, I'd rather not be tied up with any package just now...  Maybe in
a few months...
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