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Re: init_cygheap::etc_changed: Can't open /etc for checking, Win32 error

On Tue, Sep 17, 2002 at 10:22:07AM +0200, Christian Koessel wrote:
>In the meantime I took a look at the cygwin sources and I found the
>reason for the error:
>On Sep 09 2001 the etc_changed()-function was added to Its
>purpose is to detect a change to the group or passwd files while cygwin
>is running and it seems to be called every time when rights have to be
>checked. This is achieved by using the Win32
>FindFirstChangeNotification() method which monitors a directory (here
>/etc) for changes. The function is called with the
>The problem is that this function does not work on drives with a non
>NTFS file system and returns INVALID_HANDLE. This leads to the error
>message 'init_cygheap::etc_changed: Can't open /etc for checking, Win32
>error 2'. After this the function returns 0, which means that there was
>no change to /etc.

The function works on non-NTFS filesystems.  You, yourself, noted that
it works on directories exported from a Samba server.  It also works on
Windows 9x which doesn't natively understand NTFS filesystems.

It apparently doesn't work on a Novell netware drive.  That's been noted
repeatedly here.  It sounds like a netware bug to me.

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