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Re: printing from within Cygwin


On Mon, Sep 16, 2002 at 03:16:23PM -0400, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> I know GSPrint can work with Windows printers.  It works fine if you
> only want to use the windows default printer.  I couldn't, however,
> get it to work correctly with the -printer and -query options (well,
> the -printer part is mostly shell quoting issues, but the -query just
> doesn't seem to work, somehow).  Any insight will be appreciated.  I'm
> attaching the script that I currently have.

Sorry, but I never had the need to handle more than one printer.  Have
you discussed this issue with Pierre since he is the original author of
the script?

> A question about your script: you're using the '-_' option, which
> doesn't seem to be documented on the GSPrint page (
> ).  What exactly does
> it do?

IIRC, "-_" is just like "-" (i.e., stdin) but buffered.  Or, maybe it's
the other way around. :,)

> I also found this thread extremely interesting and relevant:

The above seems to imply that the gsprint "-printer" option should work.

> a2ps seems like the perfect solution for lp/lpr.

IMO, a2ps is not a replacement for lp/lpr but instead a very nice tool
to drive lp/lpr.

> Is it ever going to become a cygwin package (
> )?

Would you like to contribute a2ps?  Note that it builds OOTB under


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