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Re: Questions galore

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 08:11:18PM +0200, Francois de Campagnolle wrote:
>I have a couple of questions concerning cygwin (both 98 and NT), which I
>have not been able to find an answer to in the FAQs.
>1) What does cygserver do ?

Nothing, right now.

>2) Is there a way to run startups (/etc/rc like) scripts at startup or logon
>time ?  I would like to run inetd this way, among others.

No.  Or, rather, sure *you* could set up your system to do this but there is
nothing available out-of-the-box.  It is very unlikely that there ever will
be anything like this.

If you were interested, you might be able to port "init" to cygwin.  That's
what handles this on UNIX.

>3) Is there an rxvt alternative (besides cmd.exe), which (like cyg rxvt)
>does not require an X server ?  I currently use IVT telnet client (pretty
>good), but it wants inetd running. I find rxvt more or less buggy both on my
>win98 and winNT box (got many blue screens recently).

Not in the standard distribution, no.

If rxvt is causing WinNT to "blue screen" then something is wrong with your

>4) Is it possible to get a bash process with a tty, with another process
>talking to it through a pipe though ?  I know this is a rather often asked
>question, but I haven't found a definitive answer on this.

You'd do this just like you do on UNIX, i.e., you'd use a pty to control
bash, not a pipe.  If you are talking about a non-cygwin program trying
to control a cygwin program, then this will be very difficult.

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