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Re: cygwin Digest 13 Sep 2002 20:42:51 -0000 Issue 2223

Hallo Reini,

Am Sonntag, 15. September 2002 um 16:17 schriebst du:

> schrieb:
>> Von "Gerrit P. Haase" <>
>> Datum: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 18:19:52 +0200
>> An: "Patrick J. LoPresti" <>
>  >
>> There is an initial port of libwin32 available, well it sure needs some
>> more work, i.e. the ODBC module does not pass the test.  Try it, apply
>> the patch to the 0.18 version:

> Looks for me as an mingw patch, at least not suitable for the plain 
> normal cygwin-multi perl-5.6.1

I build libwin32 with this patch and perl-5.8 and Clive who did all
the work in the patches got it to build with perl-5.6.1.

> I fixed some errors by myself but stopped somewhere in the middle.
> * no \t in the clean:: postamble sections of two makefiles.
> * not enough hints/ files.
>    e.g. for APIFile it needs a
>    $self->{LIBS} = ['-L/usr/lib/mingw -lmsvcrt40'];
> plus some fixes in File.xs:
> IsContainerPartition() should be commented out
> and:

> #ifdef __CYGWIN__
> # define win32_get_osfhandle _get_osfhandle
> # define win32_open_osfhandle _open_osfhandle
> #endif
> ....

Fine, I got your patch with PM, I'll test it and put it online
as a third version.

Next job is to apply all the needed changes to the latest
libwin32 version (0.191 or later).


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