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Re: Crontab problems

On Sun, 15 Sep 2002, Nicholas Wourms wrote:

> --- Raphael <> wrote:
> > Great but without any C knowledge I wouldn't even know where to start.
> > I'm wondering, if Corinne is reading this, if the patch might not be
> > standarized for Cygwin considering the interchangability between
> > Cygwin and Windows. Ofcourse only if there is really no security
> > issue.
> >
> > > Boy, I get to quote the source a lot these days...  Not that I'm
> > > complaining or anything... :-D
> > I'm sure everyone is very greatfull for you sharing this information.
> > It's considarably more informative than a blunt ŽUse vi.exeŽ some
> > people try to kill a thread with. Thank you very much.
> Paul Vixie last released cron in freakin' 1994 (or thereabouts)!  Not
> much has been done to modify it since then.  I'm sure his design was
> quite appropriate at the time, when the thought of using a gui editor
> to edit cron jobs was unheard of.  The point is: why make life
> difficult for yourself?  If you want a lazy editor, use nano or pico
> for crying out loud!  They're so easy my grandmother could use them.
> Trying to use Windows NotePad, which introduces the whole \r\n deal,
> is friggin' crazy!  Why should Corinna, or anyone else for that
> matter, patch the *working* cron sources just for *you* when there
> are perfectly good tools already available?  I'm sorry my friend, but
> this isn't Burger King, where you can have it your way right away.  I
> applaud Igor for being generous and doing the research for you, but I
> don't think you should expect it every time.  I think you read too
> much into "use vi".  It was simply providing a sensible alternative
> to Windows NotePad which provides the same functionality without the
> need for modifing *working* sources.  If that doesn't suit you,
> TextPad looks like a viable alternative...
> Cheers,
> Nicholas

Not to step on anyone's toes (and I really do want to correct this just
for the archives), but EditPad ( ) offers a
nice alternative to Notepad, and can handle UNIX-style newlines.  It even
has a "go to line" feature for programmers.  I don't use it to edit
crontabs, but I did use it for perl programs, with great results.
Not all Windows editors are bad.  Sorry, couldn't resist giving it a plug.
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