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Re: Crontab problems

On Sun, Sep 15, 2002 at 06:49:48AM -0700, Nicholas Wourms wrote:
> --- Raphael <> wrote:
>  > Great but without any C knowledge I wouldn't even know where to
> > start. I'm 
> > wondering, if Corinne is reading this, if the patch might not be
> > standarized 
> > for Cygwin considering the interchangability between Cygwin and
> > Windows.
> > Ofcourse only if there is really no security issue.
> > 
> > > Boy, I get to quote the source a lot these days...  Not that I'm
> > > complaining or anything... :-D
> > I'm sure everyone is very greatfull for you sharing this
> > information. It's
> > considarably more informative than a blunt ?Use vi.exe? some people
> > try
> > to kill a thread with. Thank you very much.

1st. I hereby ask you kindly and publicly, to refrain from sending any 
more mails to my personal address. If you want to reply to the list thats
fine by me, but stop cc-ing to my personal address. That said....

> Paul Vixie last released cron in freakin' 1994 (or thereabouts)!  Not
> much has been done to modify it since then.  I'm sure his design was
> quite appropriate at the time, when the thought of using a gui editor
> to edit cron jobs was unheard of.

Makes you think doesn't it. Might anything have changed since then?

> The point is: why make life
> difficult for yourself?  If you want a lazy editor, use nano or pico
> for crying out loud!
> They're so easy my grandmother could use them.

Your assumptions are based on extreme prejudice. 

> Trying to use Windows NotePad, which introduces the whole \r\n deal,
> is friggin' crazy!

Your reading is 'friggin crazy'. In fact I'm using TextPad, a fine editor
that has no problems whatsoever with \r\n as it is very able to recognise
what kind of file it is editing.

> Why should Corinna, or anyone else for that
> matter, patch the *working* cron sources just for *you* when there
> are perfectly good tools already available?

I don't know, I was under the impression that the interoperabilty between
Windows programs and Cygwin where of high priority. If I'm not mistaken
I have seen several times statements written here that cygwin is no *nix
and has no intention to become one. In fact thats logical becouse then one
might better take the step to any *nix instead of bothering with a hybrid.

> I'm sorry my friend,

I'm not your friend, nor is it very likely that I will ever become one.

> but
> this isn't Burger King, where you can have it your way right away.

What gave you the impression I would like to have my way right away?

> I
> applaud Igor for being generous and doing the research for you, but I
> don't think you should expect it every time.  I think you read too
> much into "use vi".  It was simply providing a sensible alternative
> to Windows NotePad which provides the same functionality without the
> need for modifing *working* sources.  If that doesn't suit you,
> TextPad looks like a viable alternative...

How thick are you anyway? Haven't you understood anything of 
Igor's splendid explanation. You who are preaching the most about reading
and research on this list seem to fail the exercise completely. Might 
highschool be a good advise? It might help you to prevent more of these
painfull mistakes.

> Cheers,
> Nicholas

Sure blame it on the alcohol.

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