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RE: Installing

> From: Paul Johnston
> Hi,
> How does cygwin install decide where to put files?

It un-tar's them from /.

> I was expecting some kind
> of map file mapping object files to installed files, but I
> couldn't find one.

map file mapping object?

> I can see we want to end up in configure's $sysconfdir but
> beyond that I'm just getting lost

I'd have thought /etc/postinstall would be where it needs to be.

If folks agree, I can add your script as part of one of the base-
packages I'm putting together...

base-files (a replacement /etc/profile)
base-passwd (a replacement 'create password/group' script)

but I'm unsure as to which would be best.  Rob?  Christopher?


> > I've attached the message correction.  If this is really part of cygwin,
> > please take it out altogether, along with the translation of $WINETC.
> Ok, I've taken out the message, but NOT the case translation of
> $WINETC. The
> case translation must be done before the directory existence check, or the
> check might fail. I think this has got to be the final version of the code
> now.
> Paul

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