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login failing(?) on Win 98

I have setup a fake user for postgres in /etc/passwd (mainly to 
satisfy scripts that require that user, though I'm not 
convinced it is required now).

If I then use login, from bash, I get this:
$ login postgres
No directory !
Logging in with home = "/".
You are successfully logged in to this server!!!
\033[32m\]\u@\h \[\033[33m\w\033[0m\]

which is pretty much what I would expect (I don't care too much 
about what the shell looks like, it is not going to be used very 
much by users directly). Note - there is no Windows user called 
postgres, I don't know if this matters or not.

$ whoami

(that is, I seem to still be the original logged in user). 
Similarly, when I "initdb ..." postgres still reports that the 
owner is "Gary" and not "postgres".

Is that what is expected? Have I misconfigured something, or is 
this a known situation/bug? _Possibly_ related is that "who" 
does not report quite what I would expect either:
$ who
who: /var/run/utmp
I thought I would see a list of logged in users. I get the 
/var/... regardless of what option I give "who", even "who -m" 
("whoami" reports "Gary", as shown above).

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