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Mutt editor

As I have mentioned before, I cannot persuade mutt to run in 
rxvt or an xterm (in the former case the window simply goes 
black, and iirc in the latter case it complains that it cannot 
determine the screen size, they may be one and the same problem, 
I don't know). Similarly, mutt and emacs don't want to live 
together on my computer. All in all I wasn't so happy - the 
normal terminal doesn't allow pasting (and jmacs doesn't seem to 
be interested in marking, copying, and pasting text either), 
which I find tiresome when editing emails.

A solution might be known by some of you for some or all of 
these problems, but I just put together a very short script to 
work around them. It is based on an excellent suggestion I saw 
here for starting rxvt from a shortcut (thanks, whoever it 
was!). Here is the script:

rxvt -name "joe" +ls -sr -sl 0 -tn rxvt -bg "#e0f0e0" -fg 
"#000040" -cr midnightblue -fn "Lucida Console-14" -geometry 
80x43+0+0  -backspacekey ^H -e jmacs $1
Simply change your editor setting in .muttrc to whatever you 
call the script.

The only downside I have found is a small delay when finishing 
the editing and returning to mutt.

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