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Re: (setup.ini) autoconf requires Perl?

--- Raphael <> wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 13, 2002 at 05:02:27PM -0400, Robinow, David wrote:
> > > From: Nicholas Wourms []
> > > Subject: RE: (setup.ini) autoconf requires Perl?
> > > --- "Robinow, David" <> wrote:
> > > > 
> > > >  Your statement about autoconf depending on perl is just
> silly.
> > > Excuse me, I direct you to "vi
> /usr/autotools/devel/bin/autoheader". 
> > > Then check out "autom4te" in the same directory.  The latter is
> > > *required* to generate any configure script using autoconf
> 2.5x. 
> > > Just for the archives and again for the record, perl is
> *required*
> > > for autoconf.
> >  Excuse me.  My attempt at brevity has led to confusion.  I was
> not
> > disputing
> > the dependency, I was disputing the contention that autoconf
> should
> > not depend on perl because perl is "not a standard unix tool".
> Guess that was to far fetched for Mr. "Obnoxious" Wourms. He just 
> couldn`t pass the change to put someone in his 'imaginative' place.

LOL!  Could your comments be any more inane or trite?  Must you
resort to personal attacks to prove your point because your arguments
lack any credible substance?  You never cease to amaze me with your
invincible ignorance...


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