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Re: [BUG] Intermittant error referencing memory @0x00000010

David A. Cobb writes:
> Thanks, Eric.
>     Uname: CYGWIN_NT 5.0  .... 1.3.12 ( 2002-07-06 02:16
>     Complete CYGCHECK output appended (.zip)
For some reason the attached file only contained a reiteration of the uname

>     Another datapoint: I tried firing up CYGSERVER and doing the make.
>  Aha!  It ran to completion -- still errors of some sort but none of the
> Win exceptions.
>     That introduced other troubles, I'll post that later and try to keep
> this thread focused.
>     The other thing was terminating all the many aps I have in the
> system tray (   except ZA and my antivirus ) and then keeping my hands
> off while it ran so nothing was perturbing the memory allocations.
>     Having CYGSERVER change things so completely makes me suspect that
> IPC is related to the problem -- I don't know what else changes when the
> server is active; also watching a ProcessExplorer display shows the
> server IPC resources very very active.

How far into configure did you get before it crashed the first time?  That
may shed some insight into why it's crashing.  Now your crash was in sh.exe
right?  Cygwin /bin/sh isn't bash--it's the not-so-heavy simpler "ash".

Were you using the "20020131-1" version?  If yes, I'd upgrade "ash" then try
again without cygserver.

Eric R. Krause

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