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RE: mkpasswd takes 18 hours to finish!

At 9/13/2002  02:54 PM, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

Yes, but the original poster's problem was that his username was not in
the default domain.  Thus, your solution won't work.
You are correct - missed that point.  Sorry.

This is not true.

Specifying both the username and the domain name results in extracting
just that one user from the domain (as can be plainly seen from the source
of mkpasswd.c).

It may be that the order of arguments matters, and that the correct way to
specify the username and the domain would be
        mkpasswd -u MY_USER_ID -d MY_DOMAIN >> /etc/passwd
but the point remains the same.
Once again, correct if you use the second syntax. For some reason, putting the -d before -u causes to list all users whereas putting -u before -d only lists the single user. I fail to see why the order of the switches should be import but apparently it is.

The last point is true, but, as far as I could see, was not disputed by
Only reason I brought this up is because the original poster highlighted the fact it took 18 hours so time was a consideration. By enumerating all users then using grep, it would still take the same amount of time. Clearly, if you only want a single user, the '-u -d' combination is the most efficient.



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