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Re: command to open Windows Explorer window "here"?

Randall wrote:
> ... when this question came up a little while back (subtle
> enough for ya'?), someone mentioned "cygstart" ...

Hey wow, an FSF-related mailing list search function that
doesn't take 5 minutes to do a search!  Whaddaya know.

Sorry for the extra bandwidth.  For reference, the June
discussion about this topic had the subject
  Useful Cygwinism: "Explorer Here"
and started with

FWIW, here's what I ended up with:  two one-liner scripts in
my bin directory.  One is called "o" and looks like this:

    explorer `cygpath -w -a "${1-.}"`

it opens a one-pane explorer (no "Folders" showing).

My other script is called "oe" and adds the "/e" argument:

    explorer /e,`cygpath -w -a "${1-.}"`

This one opens a two-pane explorer, showing the Folders tree.

If I get more ambitious, someday I might perhaps figure out how
to install the cygutils package to get "cygstart".   But for now,
my cygwin doesn't seem to have it (nor does the ".inputrc" file
mentioned in the above thread have any effect at all), and these
mysteries will remain for some future, um, Exploration.

Anyway, thanks for all the help!

 -- Doug L. 


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