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Re: (setup.ini) autoconf requires Perl?

Nicholas Wourms <> writes:

> Not in autoconf 2.5x...  This version is totally dependant on perl
> for all generation activities.  So setup is absolutely correct in
> requiring perl.  AFAIK, there isn't a way to unbundle the perl
> functionality either.  So my suggestion is to get over your dislike
> of Cygwin perl and install it.  Many people have Cygwin perl and
> ActiveState co-existing happily...
> Quote straight from the autoconf README:
> "Producing configuration scripts using Autoconf requires GNU M4 and
> Perl".


OK, I stand corrected.  We will live with the multiple versions of
Perl, despite the confusion this can cause.

But somebody should fix the Autoconf home page
<>, which still

    Some optional utilities that come with Autoconf use Perl. However,
    none of those are required in order to use the main Autoconf
    program. If perl is not present, the affected Autoconf utilities
    will not be installed.

 - Pat

P.S. How about renaming Cygwin Perl to "perl" instead of "perl.exe"?

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