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(setup.ini) autoconf requires Perl?

Background: We have been using Cygwin for years.  We use Cygwin's
autoconf.  We do not use Cygwin's Perl, and we do not wish to, because
we are quite happy with the native Windows Perl from ActiveState.

The current version of setup.ini thinks that autoconf requires Perl.
This is not strictly true; Perl is only required for certain optional
pieces of autoconf.  The basic autoconf functionality does not require

I would like to suggest either removing this dependency, or adding an
"autoconf-noperl" package which is identical to "autoconf" but without
the Perl dependency.  I am willing to contribute patches for either of
these if the maintainers are amenable.

I would also love to hear other suggestions.  Note that "just deselect
Perl during setup" is not a good answer for me, since I am automating
this installation across a large number of workstations (using
AutoIt).  Clicking at a certain spot in a certain dialog to select
"all packages" is feasible to automate; scrolling down a list to
select/deselect particular packages is not.

Thanks for your time.  And thanks for Cygwin!

 - Pat

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