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Re: install from cd

Adriane Leal wrote:
> Hello,
> I would like to install cygwin for a client which has
> no internet access. I sent a cd with the setup.exe
> program and the wanted packages. This installation
> works well on my windows NT machine, but did not
> work his machine (program halts before entering
> the sellection of packages with the standard Microsoft
> error: this program found an error and has to close).
> I am thinking two solutions:
> 1) install manually, sending a zip file of c:\cygwin.
> The problem is that cygwin stores information in the
> Windows Registry and people don't want me to touch
> manually the registry of the machine (they say it is
> too dangerous). Is it possible to make cygwin work
> without using the registry?

Doable, but very messy.

> 2) recreate a installion cd. Do you have an idea of
> why the error occured?

Do you have the current version of setup.exe? (

> Is there a safe way to create
> an installation cd? I just need default packages
> plus perl.

setup.ini    <--- important


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