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AW: Apache error connecting to Postgresql

Hello Peter,

Sorry that my answer is not that exhaustive as you maybe expected since it
is not very much information you provided ;) Are you sure that postmaster
and the ipc-daemon are running properly? Are you able to connect to your DB
via psql (try something like 'psql -U postgres <database name>')?
If yes maybe you could install phpPgAdmin
( to see if this tool is able to connect
and php works fluently.

I want to connect to my pg databases via php with postgresql support under
cygwin like you. But I am facing problems when building the php apache
module with postgresql support (according to my posting 'PHP Apache module
with PostgreSQL support'). Perhaps there is a problem with rebasing DLLs but
I am not very deep into Cygwin.

It would be great if you could explain the steps you did to come up with a
working libphp4.dll or cygsapi.dll respectively.


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> von Peter Atkins
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 12. September 2002 20:00
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> Betreff: Apache error connecting to Postgresql
> All,
> I get an error connecting to postgresql via a PHP page. Looks like a port
> problem. I using Cygwin.
> Any thoughts?
> -p
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