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Re: Release candidate 2: /etc/hosts

On Fri, 13 Sep 2002, Paul Johnston wrote:

> Hi,
> > > 1) the '-l' option of cygpath works in the cvs HEAD, and
> > > 2) it does exactly what we need (thanks, Corinna).
> Cool... I've just modified your code to correct case on $WINETC before
> we do the directory check.  This has the side-effect of catching the
> cygpath bug without creating any links.

Paul, the bug was not in cygpath, but somewhere in newlib (apparently).
The only fault of the current cygpath is that it was compiled on June 6,
against faulty libraries.  This should not be a problem in the new release
of cygwin.  So, the check is redundant (or, in any event, the message is
wrong -- you can't upgrade cygpath; it should be "upgrade to new cygwin").
It does not speed up the script, either, since the $WINETC directory will
still be processed and corrected every time cygpath is called.

> As for the script name, given the scope of /etc/postinstall I think it
> should contain the package name.  Someone suggested and that's
> fairly consistent with the old-skool MKDEV script.  So I think it should
> be called

Fair enough.  If I read the name correctly, this script would become part
of the cygwin package.  In this case the cygpath message is really
redundant and needs to be taken out altogether.  That message only makes
sense if the script is in a package other than cygwin (so people can
install it without updating cygwin).

> How come your script works when cygpath is called inside $(...) but not
> backticks?

The backtick syntax does not allow recursive invocations.  If we want to
use the backtick syntax, we should use something like

    WFILE="`cygpath -w -l "$WFILE"`"
    WFILE="`cygpath -u "$WFILE"`"

I've attached the message correction.  If this is really part of cygwin,
please take it out altogether, along with the translation of $WINETC.
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