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tar 1.13.19-1: option -N (--newer) extracts wrong files (incremental backup)

Hi all,

When a directory is archived with 'tar --newer', only files with an mtime or
ctime of later than the specified date should be included in the archive,
according to the tar documentation.

However, the atime of a file is considered, as well, leading to addition of
files to the archive which were accessed, but not modified. This results in
much too big archives for incremental backups. 

I checked atime, ctime and mtime of the affected files with the ls
--time=... command.

Cygwin version is 1.3.11-3.
OS version is Windows 2000 Advanced Server Ver 5.0 Build 2195 Service Pack

The directory to be archived is on an SMB share on another Windows 2000
computer (same version like above).

Note a similar question arose on Feb 15, 2002, by Cesar Escobar Maya, but
there was no helpful answer.

Can I do anything against this behaviour?


Juergen Kuersch (Mr)

PGP public keys 0x1E6CD331 (DH/DSS) and 0x830E1B55 (RSA)
available on public key servers

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