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Re: Release candidate 1: /etc/hosts

On Thu, 12 Sep 2002, Paul Johnston wrote:

> Igor,
> > How exactly are you proposing to modify cygpath?  cygpath translates
> > windows paths to unix-style, and back.  There is nothing in the cygpath
> Sorry, should have been clearer about this: modifying cygpath to add a
> feature to get the correct case for a path. Perhaps we could figure a
> way to use "dir /b" - but I'm sure other people will hit this same issue
> in the future and would appreciate such a feature in cygpath. If you
> agree this is a good idea, I'm prepared to do the groundwork.

Oh, I see, add a modifier similar to '-s', so that it verifies the case of
each element in the path...  Yeah, that could work, something like:
  -e, --exact-case      print exact case of NAME

I'm not sure how to implement this, though...  If you have ideas, I'd be
interested in hearing them.

> Failing that, I think it would be ok to assume that the path will either
> be all caps or all non-caps - corresponding to FAT or NTFS. Anyone
> tweaking the case of such paths/files on NTFS quite deserves their fate!

Well, on my Win2k machine, the exact case is as follows:
C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\hosts.  Notice that "WINNT" is all caps.  I
use NTFS, and this is apparently the default setup.

> BTW, I'm subbed to cygwin so you don't need to keep copying me on mails.

Oops, sorry, this is the default in my mailer.  I'll be more careful.
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