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Re: Release candidate 1: /etc/hosts

--- Igor Pechtchanski <> wrote:
> This works on Windows 98 (sort of):
> BASH-2.05b$ uname -a
> CYGWIN_98-4.10 FAETON 1.3.12(0.54/3/2) 2002-07-06 02:16 i686
> unknown
> BASH-2.05b$ ./
> create symbolic link `/etc/hosts' to `/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/hosts'
> create symbolic link `/etc/protocols' to
> `/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/protocol'
> create symbolic link `/etc/services' to
> `/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/services'
> create symbolic link `/etc/networks' to
> `/cygdrive/c/WINDOWS/networks'
> BASH-2.05b$
> However, two problems:
> 1) When the script has run, but created a link to a non-existent
> file, and
> then run again:
> BASH-2.05b$ ./
> /bin/ln: `/etc/protocols': File exists
> BASH-2.05b$ ls /etc/protocols
> /etc/protocols
> BASH-2.05b$ [ ! -e /etc/protocols ]; echo $?
> 0
> BASH-2.05b$ [ ! -L /etc/protocols ]; echo $?
> 1
> BASH-2.05b$
> The -e test apparently fails if the file is a symbolic link to a
> non-existent file (is this a bug?).  I've attached the correction.

Your fix is not correct, as it still doesn't provide uniform
functionality across all patforms.  What should be done is to check
for hosts.sam and then copy that to hosts.  Failing that, the file
should be "touched" to provide a valid target.

Another problem I just discovered is that on WinME, "protocols" is
actually "protocol".  Dunno if this is the same for Win9x or not...


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