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Re: Beginnings of a patch: /etc/hosts

Nicholas Wourms wrote:
Brilliant to see so much progress on this!
Are you sure that "CYGWIN_9*)" correctly catches Windows ME?
No, I'm not.  I'm incorporating Warren Young's suggestion.  Unless
with ME can confirm that 'uname -s' returns CYGWIN_9*?  Nicholas?
Nope, it returns "CYGWIN_ME-4.90"
Okay, two possibilities now.

One is to add a special case for ME. It occurs to me that this is somewhat brittle -- who's to say this won't break again when yet another flavor of Windows comes out? (<rhetoric>Why, Microsoft, oh why, are version numbers so offensive in thy sight?</rhetoric>)

The other is to go with my environment variable approach. I'm pretty sure SYSTEMROOT is automatically defined on NT; it can be removed by a determined user, of course. Can anyone make such a claim for WINDIR on 9x type systems? The variable exists on the Win98 box in my office.

I agree with the previous posts about letting people monkey-wrench the system if they're determined to, for what that's worth. I think that the protection of checking that the directory name we come up with exists is sufficient protection -- if it exists, assume that it's the correct directory. If it's not a directory, then we can safely assume that something's hosed and refuse to make the symlinks.

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