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Re: who is using perl 5.8.0?

Hallo Nicholas,

> --- "Gerrit P. Haase" <> wrote:
>> Hallo,
>> What are your experiences with the perl-5.8.0
>> test release?

> On linux it is working great, on Cygwin is a whole other issue.

>> Are there no problems/bugs with perl-5.8.0?

> I am unable to get it to compile it on WindowsME.  Miniperl segfaults
> through the entire testsuite.  Since the provided binary crashes
> autoheader, I'm basically out of luck?

What are the compiletime errors?
Miniperl exists after compilation, but segfaults, so compiling
I.e. what statement in autoheader causes the crash?
Is the stack too small (it is 8MB for perl-5.8)?

> Also, the configure script is picking up mkfifo(), even though
> mkfifo isn't implemented for cygwin.  Dunno if this causes issues
> for anyone.

Well, mkfifo() doesn't work on Cygwin, perl returns nothing if
mkfifo() is called.  I remember that it returns an info that it
isn't implemented in the previous version.  Seems to be gone.

>> I see no reports at the list, no good reports,
>> no bad reports.
>> I want to fix all problems before releasing it
>> without the 'test' flag, so please report back
>> (again).

> Well I'll let you know if I can figure out what's going on.  However,
> you might want to ask Pierre to try it out on his WinME machine to
> see if the problem exists outside of my particular configuration.

Yes, that would be great if Pierre or other Win98/ME users could try
to build perl-5.8, basically it is as simple as possible, just unpack
the Cygwin Perl tarball and run ./, it should unpack the
original tarball, patch the source, call 'Configure', 'make',
'make test' and 'make install' with the options I used to build it.
Modify the script to your needs, my logfiles are included in the
package too, so you can compare them with yours after building and


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