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FW: top and other /proc utilities available for Cygwin

I have ported the procps package which continues utilities such as top
and uptime to Cygwin. This has been sitting pending on the cygwin-apps
list for some time now, so I am taking the pro-active step of
advertising it here. Please download both packages:
and test them. If you find everything is satisfactory, please approve
this package’s inclusion on the cygwin-apps mailing list. If you find a
problem, the cygwin-apps mailing list is also the place to report it.
Note 1: the /proc fhandler has limited functionality on Windows
95/98/Me. If you find some values are blank or 0 and you are running on
one of these platforms, this is the most likely cause.
Note 2: The /proc fhandler is modeled after Linux’s /proc file system.
If the values you are seeing in the procps utilities don’t look like the
ones on your Linux box, this is probably an indication of a bug and
should be reported to the cygwin-apps mailing list.
Thanks for your time,

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