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cygwin login and passwords

> > > > Is changing uid's and gid's in /etc/passwd something
> > > > to be avoided,  since I assume these are windows assigned?
> > > >
> > > > Need su and login to work seemlessly with windows'
> > > > passwords in order to allow remote logins and ssh
> > > > clients. Currently, login does not recognize valid
> > > > windows passwords.
> > > I have a version of su that runs on Cygwin. However I need someone
> >
> > How are you doing that?  If you're doing that by giving create
> > token privileges or something like that to your account, that's
> > not a vaild approach.
I'm using LogonUser. On Windows XP, no extra privileges are needed to
that function. I know this isn't true on older versions of Windows, but
this is mainly for my own use anyway.;EN-US;Q180548&; has
some details of how to do the logon on older versions of Windows. This
is just one way - I'm sure there are others. I might give it a go if
anyone is interested.

> >
> > If su is using a service under SYSTEM account, that's ok.  But then
> > it's not needed at all since one can just use `ssh localhost' and a
> > running sshd to get the same.
> >
> > > tell me how to coerce bash into running interactively (currently
> > > to be forced via -i flag). I'm starting bash using CreateProcess.
> >
> > Login shells get their name preceeded by a dash in argv[0] from
> > parent:
> >
> >  -sh
> >  -bash
Thanks for that!

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