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Re: accessing shared drives when logged in via ssh

> This is expected behavior if sshd is running as LocalSystem and you used
> publickey authentication when you logged in.  On my Win2k box, I can
> access shares if I use password authentication.  

No way -- really?  I'll have to try it.  

That behavior seems pretty surprising to me; why should the type of
authentication end you up with any more or less priveleges?  And for that
matter, why would *password* auth be treated as "more secure" than

> Alternatively, you can run the sshd process as a specific user.  If you
> then use pubkey authentication (and are logging in as the user running
> sshd), you'll also have share access.

hm.  I suppose I could do that though it "feels" wrong since there are, 
in face, multiple user accounts on this machine.  

Sigh -- sometimes the line between Cygwin and Windows still confuses me.
Especially when there's no "su" that I know of.

Thanks for the tip, Dave...


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