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GNU screen-3.9.13 available for testing

This is a port of screen 3.9.13.  To install:
- wget the source from
- untar it (this will create a screen-3.9.13 subdirectory)
- apply the attached patch (using 'patch -p0')
- 'configure --prefix=/usr', 'make', and 'make install'
- 'touch /etc/ttys' -- this is needed for screen to run

- screen doesn't recognize window sizes other than 80x25.  Perhaps someone
  with the knowledge of termcap can explain this.

Note, I haven't tested all the features.  If something (other than the
above) doesn't work, please report it to
P.S. Sorry for the awkward phrasing, this is the seventh time I'm
trying to get this past the spam filter.
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