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Re: accessing shared drives when logged in via ssh

This is expected behavior if sshd is running as LocalSystem and you used
publickey authentication when you logged in.  On my Win2k box, I can
access shares if I use password authentication.  Alternatively, you can
run the sshd process as a specific user.  If you then use pubkey
authentication (and are logging in as the user running sshd), you'll
also have share access.


Scott Evans wrote:
> While I'm asking about weirdness I've seen recently...
> I have a home network with 4 machines in a workgroup.  3 of them run
> XP, one still runs Win98.  I just installed XP on the "main" machine,
> which also runs sshd.  Now I find that I can't access shared drives on
> the other XP machines when I'm ssh'd in.  If I open a bash window
> directly on the machine, no problem.
> In an ssh session, output looks like this:
>   [gse] $ cd //studio/c
>   -bash: cd: //studio/c: Permission denied
> Any ideas on where to start looking?  Would strace output be useful?
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>  scott evans ::
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