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Re: perl md5.sum has incorrect checksum preventing install??

Tom Brown wrote:
> I have discovered that the perl-5.6*, binutils*, and
> w32api* files will always download corrupted with bad
> checksums (but correct filesize) on my W98/SE pc when
> I use the setup.exe to install them. Also if I do a
> ftp or http download outside the installer from a
> cygwin mirror site the files are also corrupted, ie.
> it doesnt seem a cygwin problem but a problem with my
> pc.
> I have a laptop that I had fully installed cygwin on
> with no problem and I tried to bring over the 3 files
> from that machine and then to do a local directory
> install in the setup.exe but then I get a different
> problem:
> Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
> Runtime Error!
> abnormal program termination

> Unless I can fix my ftp/http corruptability problem or
> this runtime error ...

Sounds like setup.exe itself has been corrupted.

> Does anyone know if I can somehow do the install
> myself without setup.exe, ...

No. You can't. (Well, obviously its possible, but please trust me on this: It
will be easier to get setup.exe working than try to do it manually)

> Also does anyone have any clues or things I could try
> to track down why I have a sometimes ftp problem ...

Sounds like a hardware problem. If you are seeing random crashes, bad memory,
maybe? Otherwise, bad network hardware?

I suggest you verify all these:

fe9f52af4d3e938acafec82706682439 *setup-
a40495979dfc07422d4c5df63e3c1d02 *setup-
30abc1e494147d11c17d90d8105fe6cf *perl/perl-5.6.1-2-src.tar.bz2
d0bf481529040f142182b69cbef141bb *perl/perl-5.6.1-2.tar.bz2
727c2f6cdf5f7a371a74c93ed2469d27 *binutils/binutils-20020706-2-src.tar.bz2
e1c5d6978c694ac478a9389733491bd8 *binutils/binutils-20020706-2.tar.bz2
6d52fb3439e69dd24492984f7b9ad7a8 *w32api/w32api-2.0-1-src.tar.bz2
3741a8a32eb7dff4549e6d2115a0684e *w32api/w32api-2.0-1.tar.bz2
2fe2a5fabcc3a33722b4ffe05714bec3 */usr/bin/md5sum.exe


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