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Re: Why is Cygwin so COOL?

--- Gary R Van Sickle <> wrote:
> Cygwin success story #81728612838
> =================================
> I needed to get the latest Microsoft Platform SDK, both at home and
> at work.
> They provide a nice "SDK Update" ActiveX thingy, which of course
> simply
> doesn't work.  Luckily, it's also available for "full download" via
> HTTP -
> in twenty ~25MB chunks.  Knowing full well that my grandchildren
> would have
> grandchildren before I'd be able to get all that through my 56K
> modem via
> "standard means" ("Sorry! Download died at 24.9999MB.  Wanna start
> over?"),
> I turned to what I knew would eventually get the job done right -
> Cygwin.
> More specifically, the incredible wget tool and this simple script:
> #!/bin/sh
> en-us/3672.1/FULL
> \
> \
> \
> \
> PSDK-FULL.bat Extract.exe"
> for FILE in ${FILES}; do wget -c ${DIR}/${FILE}; done
> Once this script was started, neither rain, nor snow, nor dark of
> night, nor
> ISP disconnects could stop it from its appointed rounds.  Sure it
> tied up my
> phone line all weekend, but as the French say, "c'est la dolce
> vita".  It
> did *not* however tie up my computer; Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
> played just
> fine thanks.
> And the icing on the cake: emailed the script to work, and it's
> sucking the
> SDK down over our much speedier connection here as I type this.
> Yes, this is but a small sampling of Cygwin's greatness.  But it is
> greatness nonetheless.  God bless America, and God bless Cygwin
> (and wget)!

It's also cool when you can run kde/Cygwin/XFree as a replacement for
explorer ;-).


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