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RE: Setup window size: a suggestion

On Sun, 8 Sep 2002, Gary R. Van Sickle wrote:

> > I was searching for something in the list archives, and came upon this old
> > thread:
> > This seems to indicate that the setup window size was once larger than
> > 640x480 (but still fixed, I assume).
> Each page was its own separate dialog box, and hence had its own size.  This
> caused a number of other problems which the current property sheet-based UI
> solves (z-order madness, window state non-persistence, etc).
> >  All of the (relatively) recent setup
> > window size discussions resulted in something like "it would be too hard
> > to make the setup window resizeable".
> Not "too hard", but certainly "way harder than it needs to be".  I worked on
> this last night in fact; too bad I wasn't loaded, or I'd probably have this
> working by now ;-).
> > So, here's a suggestion: include either a command-line option, or another
> > set of radio buttons or a select box in setup that would let people select
> > from pre-defined window sizes.  Granted, this is a hack, and not as
> > flexible as allowing resizing, but it will do for most people who
> > requested resizing, and eliminates the problem with having to re-compute
> > the positions of controls on resize.
> >
> > This doesn't seem too hard to implement...  Or am I missing something?
> > Comments?
> >       Igor
> You're missing something ;-).  Resizing the window is in fact easy;
> getting the "Back/Next/Finish/Cancel" buttons and the separator to
> cooperate is a collossal PITA.  Windows property sheets, it is
> abundantly clear, were never intended to be resized dynamically or
> otherwise once all the pages had been added.
> So, as a wise man once said, "the impossible will take a little longer".

But isn't that exactly what my suggestion will allow to avoid?  If the
window size is pre-selected (in fact, with a command-line option, you may
even know it before any windows are created), dynamic resizing is not an
issue.  The window will still be non-resizeable, but will have a different
(fixed) size depending on the option.  This could possibly be accomplished
by having multiple property sheet definitions and choosing the correct one
at run-time (I'm not too up-to-date on windows programming, so please
correct me if I'm wrong).
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