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Re: UNINTELLIGENT QUESTION about how to install ONE package without reinstalling everything else...

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 07:48:46AM +0200, wrote:
> I know: this is NOT an intelligent question
> but I am not an intelligent user either and still would like to use cygwin...
> Whenever I try to install only one package with the setup program 
> everything is installed again (and those packages which are not
> part of the default are not there anymore).
> Is it possible to install JUST ONE package with the setup program?
> (It seems not to veryfy if there is already something existing - if I am right )
> And - as there might be other non-intelligent users -
> There is a "How do I uninstall individual packages?" entry in the FAQ
> (which seems to reinstall everything else before unistalling the package?!?
> one more unintelligent question)
> but no "How do I install individual packages?" entry....
> How about adding one?
> One more problem:
> It is most easy to "find" a package with
> but not so easy to locate the same packate in the setup program....
> Any hint?

... this in an unintelligent answer:

In the Cygwin setup program, in "Select Packages" dialog box there is a little
button named "_View". There are three types of the view: Category, Full and
Partial. I hope this helps to you...


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