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UNINTELLIGENT QUESTION about how to install ONE package without reinstalling everything else...

I know: this is NOT an intelligent question
but I am not an intelligent user either and still would like to use cygwin...

Whenever I try to install only one package with the setup program 
everything is installed again (and those packages which are not
part of the default are not there anymore).
Is it possible to install JUST ONE package with the setup program?
(It seems not to veryfy if there is already something existing - if I am right )

And - as there might be other non-intelligent users -
There is a "How do I uninstall individual packages?" entry in the FAQ
(which seems to reinstall everything else before unistalling the package?!?
one more unintelligent question)
but no "How do I install individual packages?" entry....
How about adding one?

One more problem:
It is most easy to "find" a package with
but not so easy to locate the same packate in the setup program....
Any hint?

Thank you very much for your patience, with gratitude Di

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