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orphaned child processes with rxvt

Hi Gang!

I've been living with this bug for 9 months, just upgraded and it appears to
still be there.

I use windows XP and I like to use the Windows-R key to fire off various
handy remote shells.  i.e. my gw.bat file contains something like this:

start rxvt +sb -fn "fixedsys-9" -sl 5000 -geometry 120x40 -e ssh

I then hit windows-R .. type "gw" and hit return.

TADA!  I'm now ssh'd in a new window to the gateway host.  (Note:  I've
already authenticated via another method so I don't have to type password)

Here is where the bug comes in.

If I hit the "close" button in the window rather than typing "exit", rxvt
cleans up.. but there is still an "ssh" process alive and well sucking up 3
megs of ram.

I've tried various alternate command structures but it always has the same
result.  If you use the "-e" function in rxvt, and close the window, the
process you ran will most likely hang around.

I've searched the lists, I cannot find an alternate route to this solution
without incurring orphans.

(Yeah ok, if I type "exit" and hit return in the window, it will work.  But
for some reason I find myself unable to consistently do this.)


 * Matthew Dornquast
 * Code 42, Inc.
 * Yahoo:  mdornquast

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