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Re: Calling all sed wizards! Need a little help with possible fix: Subtle permissions bug in interaction between Makefiles & libtool (Cygwin-specific)

Harig, Mark A. wrote:
>> Max Bowsher wrote:
>>> I've located an awkward bug in the interaction between common-sense
>>> Makefile rules and Cygwin libtool.
>>> The package I was building at the time was libiconv, but the issue
>>> is common to any autoconf-libtool build system.
>>> The file is installed as data (i.e. 644) - which is
>>> correct. However the Cygwin specific postinstall_cmds in libtool use
>>> the same install command to install the DLL. This results in the DLL
>>> being installed without execute permission (on ntsec systems), and
>>> causes "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000022)."
>>> errors from dependent exes.
> Is there a reason not to create a patch that would fix the
> problem in the source of the postinstall_cmds?

The source of the postinstall_cmds is a human. Patching them can be difficult


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