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Re: windiff?

----- Original Message -----
From: "Igor Pechtchanski" <>
To: "Shankar Unni" <>
Cc: <>
Sent: Thursday, September 05, 2002 2:37 PM
Subject: Re: windiff?

> On Thu, 5 Sep 2002, Shankar Unni wrote:
> > Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> > > Whoops, sorry, an extra ".".  How'd that get there? O:)
> > > Anyway, the correct URL is
> > >
> >
> > This gives a "missing library GUtils.dll" error.
> >
> > I suspect this is the Windiff that came as part of MS Visual C++, and
> > this person simply hasn't collected up enough stuff to make it run.
> > Besides, is Visual C++'s Windiff really "shareware"? I doubt it.
> AFAIK, it's freeware.  I downloaded my copy directly from Microsoft at
> some point, but can't remember the location where I got it.  Something
> like "tool samples", I believe.  Anyway, you're right about the missing
> dll.  Here's another link that has all three files:

As far as I can tell from the Visual C++ license, compiled versions of the
samples can be provided for free.

Windiff is part of the Platform SDK Tools, which is free.

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