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Re: Quick password question...

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 10:04:52PM -0400, Adam K Kirchhoff wrote:

> Here's the problem I'm having:  sshd refuses to do public key
> authentication when run as a Windows service.  It will only work with
> password authentication.  And then, only if Windows has a password for
> that user.  If the password is blank (as I would like to be the case on my
> home machine), sshd refuses to log me in with a blank password (even if
> sshd_config allows for blank passwords).  This isn't an issue with my work
> machine since I want that account to have a password.
> If I run sshd from the command line, it works just as one would expect and
> allows for public key authentication.

I have a similar problem. sshd on my XP machine at work will not do public
key authentication when running as a service. Run it from a command prompt
window under the SYSTEM account and it does work!

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