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Re: BASH slow on network share scripts (was RE: A Simple Real World Benchmark for cygwin)

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 11:44:52PM +0200, Dan Vasaru wrote:
>Since CYGWIN seems to go to some length to allow O_TEXT seeking, I believe
>the ifdef above to be a remnant of some times where cygwin1.dll didn't
>support text seeks, and I propose to remove it.

You're probably right, but since most scripts (such as configure
scripts) are usually interpreted by /bin/sh, which is ash, not bash,
then this shouldn't have much impact on the normal running of scripts.
Unless, of course, there are similar problems in ash.

Still, it would be very nice to get this fixed in bash.

>I don't know who to contact on this issue, so someone please notify the
>current bash-cygwin maintainer ?

You can always check cygwin-announce to find this info, but, really, you
shouldn't have to do that.  Sending email here is the proper way to deal
with the issue.  Sending personal email to a package maintainer should be
the absolute last resort.  Public discussion is good.


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