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RE: mount trouble

> > That last option would wipe out all mounts for directories under the

> > Cygwin installation directory, and create a clean set of mounts as
> > installer would have done. 

> AFAIK there's no ability within Cygwin to _write_ to the registry
> (read was added a little while ago), so it would need to be another
> application.  

What? What does the mount(2) API do, then? 

All that mount has to do is to maintain a "standard list of mounts". The
problem is that in the cygwin platform, there's no separate fstab-like
configuration file that is essentially untouched while the user plays
with the mounts. 

On Linux, I can play with my mounts, and when I'm done, either fix the
fstab to make it permanent, or just reboot to get things back to the way
they were. Can't do that on cygwin, where the only "mount table" is
persistent (in the registry). 

Though a little foresight on the part of the user does go a long way in
ameliorating this - just run "mount -m >" before starting the
play session, and a "umount -A ; sh" afterwards to restore
things to their original state.


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