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Re: mount trouble

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 10:37:08AM -0700, Shankar Unni wrote:
>Nicholas Wourms wrote:
>>--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
>>mount -f -s -b -X "C:/cygwin/usr/X11R6/bin" "/usr/X11R6/bin"
>>mount -f -s -b -E "C:/cygwin/usr/X11R6/lib" "/usr/X11R6/lib"
>>mount -f -s -b -E "C:/cygwin/usr/X11R6/man" "/usr/X11R6/man"
>Couple of comments on this:
>* Does the X11 stuff get used so much that this level of fine-grained 
>mount options actually makes a big difference? Why not just default the 
>lot, and create a single mount point for "/usr/X11R6"?

You could make everything executable, I guess, as long as you don't try
to execute a man page.  It doesn't really matter, however.

>* Would it help to add an option to mount to "reset the mounts to 
>installation defaults"? At least for the Cygwin installation drive?

You can certainly dump and restore the state yourself with mount -m.
Adding it to mount is not appropriate.

>That last option would wipe out all mounts for directories under the 
>Cygwin installation directory, and create a clean set of mounts as the 
>installer would have done. It would be invaluable for cleaning up from 
>botched mount experiments..

I think you need to look at existing mount options.  It's easy enough
to do this if you want to do it.


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