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Re: make and shell calls

First, Thanks for your help!
Here are some more details.
I have make version 3.79.-7 and cygwin  1.3.12-2.
I'm running the makefiles from MSDOS. So I added MAKE_MODE=unix and the
cygwin/bin directory to the path.

When I run my program on cygwin it works. For all cases:
export SB_ROOT=d:/sbroot
$(SB_ROOT)/bin :
      mkdir $(SB_ROOT)/bin


export SB_ROOT=/cygdrive/d/sbroot
$(SB_ROOT)/bin :
      mkdir $(SB_ROOT)/bin

export SB_ROOT=d:\\sbroot
$(SB_ROOT)\\bin :
      mkdir $(SB_ROOT)\\bin

But the problems comes when I use MSDOS. If I type 'sh' in DOS, and then
mkdir d:\sbroot\bin, it doesn't work, it says the usual:
$ mkdir d:\sbroot\bin
Extended Error 183
   1753 [main] sh 922 proc_subproc: Couldn't duplicate my handle<0x38> for
pid 1634226260, Win32 error 6

With mkdir d:/sbroot/bin, I get:
$ mkdir d:/sbroot/bin
Invalid switch - /sbroot
   2311 [main] sh 967 proc_subproc: Couldn't duplicate my handle<0x38> for
pid 1634226260, Win32 error 6

I don't think it's a cygwin interpretation problem...I tried all the
possible cases.. how many // or \\... or cygdrive/d/...
When I type sh in DOS I get the shell installed from cygwin (since it's
shared by the environment setup that I have), but it doesn't understand the
same commands!!!!
I think the invalid switch problem is because I use this shell on DOS and
it doesn't like it...
Can you try that on your windows machine?try 'sh' on MSDOS and then mkdir
I'm pretty much sure that my shell line is interpreted by sh, so it
shouldn't be a make interpretation (like the colon problem as target)

The 'coudn't duplicate...' error comes whenever I put a unix command line
like mkidr or rmdir or chmod... as a shell line . I don't think it is
supposed to do this either.. It has nothing to do with backslashes or
anything. If I type 'mkdir temp' it does so too..!!
Where does the shell from Cygwin installation come from? Is it Bourne or
Korn shell? What package installs sh.exe?


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