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[g++-3.2]: libstdc++.a does not contain relocatable objects


Chris I know you don't have the cycles for this, so I prefacing it by
saying I'm trying my best to look into it.  Now that we have that
behind, here's what I've discovered so far in why libtool won't link
properly when building c++ libraries with g++-3.2.  I did a "objdump
-f /usr/lib/libstdc++.a" and discovered that none of the object files
had the relocatable flag set (which is what libtool looks for in
shared library archives).  To confirm my suspicion, I did the same
procedure on g++-2's libstdc++.a.  This time, though, the relocatable
flag was set on the object files contained within.  Furthermore, the
g++-3.2 libstdc++.a archive for mingw also contains relocatable
objects.  So the question is:

What has changed in the configuration scripts between gcc 2.95 and
3.2 which causes this to build static for cygwin?

Well for starters, I have more than a suspicion that the gcc people,
in their attempt to upgrade to newer autotools, have mucked up the
support for Cygwin shared libraries.  I'm currently investigating
this, but some assistance would be appreciated.

Note that I'm running the latest cygwin dll built from cvs sources on
a Windows ME machine.  Also note that this behavior has been apparent
since the gcc-3.1.1 release (and possibly before that).


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