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A Simple Real World Benchmark for Cygwin

A Simple Real World Benchmark for CygWin

This is a simple benchmark of CygWin performance when running a
collection of Unix tools such as sed, awk, gcc.  It uses the familiar
"configure" script to generate the load.  I picked a configure script
I happened to have laying around as being "representative" of this
type of load.

I am a CygWin newbie.  The motivation for this benchmark is that I
noticed that my CygWin installations were so slow as to effectively be
unusable for development work.  For example, the attached script runs
in 5 seconds with native Redhat 7.2 on a P3/700 with a 7200 RPM disk.
But the script takes 3 minutes to run on the same machine under CygWin.

Certainly, some performance degradation under CygWin could be expected
and tolerated.  But not a factor of 30X or more.  IMHO, of course.

It is not entirely clear to me that my performance is representative
of other CygWin installations.  Without a benchmark, it is impossible
for me to determine if the results I am seeing are normal for CygWin,
or the result of some unknown as yet system or installation problem.

Hence this benchmark, which I hope will allow myself and others to
compare CygWin performance with the performance that other people
are seeing.

Running the benchmark is simple, and I am not particularly interested
in highly precise results in this first pass.  Simply make your system
as quiescent as possible, then type:

        rm -f config.cache
        time ./configure

Report the elapsed *real* time.

Here are the results from my two tests.  I will happily accept other
benchmark reports.  Mail them to

-Rick Richardson, 09/02/2002

TIME    CPU     MHZ     DISK            OS AND VERSION
------  ---     ---     --------------  ----------------------------------
5       P3      700     IBM 7200RPM     RH7.2, native
180     P3      700     IBM 7200RPM     win98 4.10.1998, cygwin 1.3.12-2

Rick Richardson
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