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Re: [gcj-3.2]: US locale [8859_1] coding is not supported

--- Christopher Faylor <> wrote:
> In case it isn't obvious, I really don't have the cycles to take
> bug reports on this.  If you can track down why the encoding is
> missing, it would be appreciated.
> Shouldn't this be included in some other package besides gcc,
> though?
> cgf
> (Boy, do I miss Chuck)

Well, as it happens, I'm already on it, but am currently limited by
the amount of time I can allocate.  I was just throwing it out there
in case some of the other cygwin gcj users might know something that
I don't [or at least confirm the issue].  To be quite frank, this
problem has been around since the first gcc-3.1 binary you released. 
This is not to blame you, as this interface is new to all of us.  I
haven't commented until now because I was trying to figure it out
myself.  I would send a bug report to the gcc people, but this
problem seems to be unique to Cygwin.  Sure, it would be nice if
Chuck was here, but isn't he gonna be back soon?  In any case, the
internals of gcc are quite foreign to me, thus it could take me quite
awhile to track this issue down [assuming it isn't something simple,
which so far isn't the case].  So, I felt it would be better to share
the issue and see what others had to say, while my investigation was
still in progress.  I suppose I could have presented my intentions
with more clarity, but oh well...

As for being included in another package, I think you are right
(libiconv).  So the question is, how does gcj interface with this
package to determine which character sets are available?  I'm pretty
certain that libiconv has 8859-1 character sets.


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