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Re: Installing & configuring local POP or IMAP server


On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 08:56:06PM +0200, Jean-François Fabre wrote:
> but the problem is I have to use a Cygwin mailing program to read my
> mail (such as pine), but I'm not fond of curses-based program that
> much and would prefer to use Netscape, as I did before I decide to
> install SpamAssassin.

Can Netscape read mbox files (IIRC, it did many years ago)?  If so, then
do the fetchmail/procmail/spamassassin thing and just point Netscape to
your mboxes.

> So I've got to use Netscape in a different way, not polling the mail
> from my provider's remote pop3 server, but let fetchmail + the filters
> do it for me (they store it in /var/spool/mail). Then I guess I would
> have to poll "localhost" from Netscape using POP3 or IMAP protocol.
> When I try to do that, Netscape answers that the connection to
> localhost has been refused. Ok,  that helps me a lot.

If not, then check out Cygwin qpopper:


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