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Re: gcc3.2 vs gcc2.95 - devolution never stops


after I was able to dig up an ostream::form() replacement I was finally able
to recompile my projects under gcc v3.2.
I'm happy with that.

What I'm not happy with at all is that the build time went up by a factor of
3, and each exe produced is between 50% and 100% bigger than the ones
produced under gcc v295!
This, is mostly a gcc question - from what I have learnt reading the gcc mailing list - dramatic increase in size is when people use debugging. gcc 3+ uses newer more powerful debugging information stored in the file, this increases file size quite a bit before you strip things. Striped files should be similar size to before.
Gcc3 is more standards compliant and has a very different memory management system used internally compared to previous versions and performs better levels of optomisation. Resultant code should be faster on average. However this has lead to gcc3 being noticibly slower in compilation time, especially with optomisation on. Much discussion on the gcc list recently looks into improving that, but unlikely to see major gains before 3.4.
However, 3 times is more increase then I would of expected, prehaps there is more to it then just that. If you can, investigate the build time changes on a non-cygwin system between gcc2.95.x and gcc3.2.


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