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Re: SmartList and exim

On Tue, 27 Aug 2002, Jason Tishler wrote:

> On Mon, Aug 26, 2002 at 09:47:04PM +0800, Greg Matheson wrote:

> > Running the install script for Smartlist from an unprivileged
> > account builds executables which don't setuid root, I think.

> Don't worry about setuid files -- Cygwin does not support them.  If you
> can get Smartlist to build, then try running it (as a service) under the
> LocalSystem account which *can* setuid.

> > The problem of understanding what the scripts were doing were among
> > things which prevented me from getting it to build from the
> > Administrator account.

> Huh?  

I was changing things in procmail-3.22-7/SmartList/ and
install.sh3 and seeing what happened. That is, intervention
without understanding.

> Does Smartlist build cleanly?

It depends on what you mean by cleanly. To get it to build (with no root privileges) involved the problem of .exe on executables and hardwiring in directory names and the like that the shell script couldn't get right.

> > There is only one important C program in the package, multigram.c. The
> > rest is shell scripts and procmail rc files.

> > Smartlist is only at version 3.15, but procmail is 3.22. You have to
> > take multigram, hsort.c and gethome.c from procmail-3.15 and stick
> > them in procmail-3.22/src.

> I seem to be repeating myself -- Does Smartlist build against procmail
> 3.22?  If not, then you can try back porting my patches against 3.15,
> but you are on your own.  I will only support procmail 3.22.

It is/was working, sending out copies of submissions and
un/subscribing people from the list. So it does build against
your patched 3.22.

However, I had to build my own procmail executable from your
source code. And the C program parts of SmartList don't exist in
SmartList-3.15 or procmail-3.22. You have to look for them in

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